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Punjab Pre-emption Act, 1913 – Section 8(2) – Right to pre-emption – It has been issued in exercise of powers conferred under Section 8(2) of the 1913 Act, which enables the State Government to declare by notification either no right of pre-emption or only limited right will exist in any local area or with respect to any land or property or class of land or property – it is abundantly clear that the land and the immovable property are two different terms. The immovable property is more than the land on which certain construction has been made. Guidance can also be taken from the definition of immovable property, as provided in Section 3(26) of the General Clauses Act, 1897, which includes land, means something more than the land. Deposition would reveal that after the other accused assaulted the deceased with sword, A-3 came thereafter and assaulted the deceased with stone lying there – Prosecution has not been in a position to establish that A-3 shared the common intention with the other accused to cause the murder of the deceased – Appeal of A-3 is allowed by altering the conviction under Section 302 to Section 304 Part II IPC. Rape with a 7 year old girl in temple – Petitioner-convict was aged 40 years on the date of occurrence and he took the victim to a temple, unmindful of the holiness of the place disrobed her and himself and then committed the crime – in terms of the provisions under Section 376 AB, IPC when a sentence of imprisonment for a term not less than 20 years which may extend upto life imprisonment is imposed, the convict is also liable to suffer a sentence of fine which shall be just and reasonable to meet the medical expenses and rehabilitation of the victim – Conviction under Section 376 AB, IPC was upheld with the sentence modified to 30 years of rigorous imprisonment – Petition partly allowed. Under sub-section (1) of Section 75A of the Customs Act, where duty drawback is not paid within a period of three months from the date of filing of claim, the claimant would be entitled to interest in addition to the amount of drawback -Since there was belated refund of the duty drawback to the respondent, it was entitled to interest at the rate which was fixed by the Central Government at the relevant point of time being fifteen percent. Accused-appellant also providing for the day-to-day expenses of the victim and her child and therefore, further imprisonment will impact not only his family but also the victim’s – Ends of justice would be met if the period of imprisonment awarded against the accused-appellant is reduced to the period already undergone by him – Conviction u/s. u/S. 3(a) r/w Sec. 4 of the POCSO Act, 2012 is hereby confirmed – Sentence imposed by the Sessions Court and confirmed by the High Court is hereby modified and reduced to the period already undergone – Appeal allowed in part.

Notification–Issuance of a fresh declaration under Section 6 of the Act after withdrawing the earlier one issued under Section 6 of the Act did not have the effect of rendering the notification under Section 4 ineffective and in fructuous. Reference–Plea of on authorised possession cannot be taken under Section 18 of the L.A. Act. Compensation–Assessment of compensation, does involve some rational guess work.

2007(1) LAW HERALD (SC) 57 IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA  Before The Hon’ble Mr. Justice B. P. Singh The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Altamas Kabir Appeal (Civil) 1330 of 1997;…

Accomplice–Evidence of an accomplice is admissible but should ordinarily be corroborated by same other evidence. Contraband–Confession made by accused under NDPS Act before an officer of department of revenue intelligence, may not be hit by Section 25 of Evidence Act. Contraband–Only evidence against the appellant was retracted statement of accused no. 1 and his own retracted confession–Benefit of doubt–Acquittal.

  2007(1) LAW HERALD (SC) 17 IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA  Before The Hon’ble Mr. Justice S. B. Sinha The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Markandeya Katju Appeal (Crl.) 996  of 2006…

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