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Himachal Pradesh Passengers and Goods Taxation Act, 1955 – appellants are public sector organizations providing free transportation to their employees and their children in remote hilly areas for safety reasons, and recognizing that a substantial amount of time has passed since the enactment of the Amendment and Validation Act of 1997 (approximately twenty-six years), and that the appellants may have replaced their motor vehicles or buses during this time, the appellants should be liable to pay the tax starting from April 1, 2023, the current financial year onwards, and not for the period before that. In this case, the appellant and the deceased were in a romantic relationship – However, when the deceased stopped communicating with the appellant, the appellant became upset – There was an altercation between them, witnessed by the deceased’s mother – conviction under Section 302 of the IPC is alter to Section 304 part II, and the appellant is sentenced to the period of imprisonment already served – If not needed in any other case, the appellant shall be released immediately – Appeal partly allowed. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 – Section 5(24) – ‘related party’ – if an individual is a director of a private or public company and, along with relatives, holds more than two percent of the company’s share capital or paid-up share capital, that company is considered a ‘related party.’ – The explanation also specifies that both maternal and paternal uncles fall under the definition of ‘related party.’ Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 – Sections 13(1) and 13(1A) – Grant of Decree of divorce – Denial of – The parties in question have been living apart for fifteen years -there is no reason to prolong the distress of maintaining a marital status when they are not living together – In light of the mentioned reasons, the judgment of the Trial Court and the subsequent confirmation by the High Court is hereby overturned – As a result, the appeal is accepted, and a divorce decree is granted. Land Acquisition – Compensation – If any individual is to be divested or deprived of the said right by the State, it ought not be done without giving compensation in accordance with law for the land so acquired for public purpose

Arbitrator—Appointment of—Limitation of 30 days–Cannot be invoked under sub-section (6) of Section 11 of the Act. Arbitrator—Appointment of—Other than nominated in agreement on ground that arbitrator may not be impartial or independent in taking decision—Request not maintainable.

  2007(2) LAW HERALD (SC) 1332 IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA Before The Hon’ble Mr. Justice A.K. Mathur The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Tarun Chatterjee Civil Appeal No. 1783 of…

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